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    Who we are

    We at Psy Threads like simple things and we're sure there's many of you who feel the same way. Why complicating when you can do it the easy way - our way.

    We offer you a wide variety of fashion accessories to choose from. Little things make a huge difference that's why we concentrate on the small stuff. Our main goal is to make your fashion shopping easier and stress-free. With just one click of a mouse you can get your new style and wardrobe updated in a blink of an eye. We respect our customers and our policy of customers being always in the first place that's why we like to do weekly giveaways and special offers for the most loyal customers!

    Psy Threads is a modern clothing and accessories shop characterized by flexibility, professionalism, dynamic strategy of development as well as market connectivity with well known brands. Orientation on our customers, fashion promotion and fashion activity is always in our plan because we respect our customers.


    We are hoping to become best PLUR clothing shop with trendy accessories and apparel. We are working towards creating an active relationship with our partners, clients and customers, as well as moving forward.


    We believe in progress and better future, we're following and noticing new brands and trendy accessories which we promote in our shop, we are not scared of unknown and we believe that we can change average persons life and vision with our products. Psy Threads is a synonim for "everything at one place."